Chefs, Macks Collins and Bryan Kidwell of the New York Times two star New York City restaurant, Rouge Et Blanc take their talents and ambition to the road. Influenced by the intense flavor and rusticity of international street food this Mad Max inspired kitchen on wheels will travel up and down the west coast in search of a permanent home. It will serve an assortment of Pambazos, using locally sourced and culturally distinct ingredients. These movie/music/craft beer loving chefs will bring personality and over 15 years of fine dining experience to diverse communities and events across California, Oregon and Washington State. Having cooked and studied with chefs around the world, Chefs Macks and Bryan take pride in learning and honing local cooking processes such as pickling, smoking, and fermenting, lending their food greater dimensionality and flavor. This relatively unknown sandwich is adaptable to all types of dining, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to late night grub, making it a rare and affordable treat for all.