LOS ANGELES TIMES: This 'Mad Max'-themed truck serves pambazos (salsa-dipped sandwiches) with 12 hot sauces


Considering this country’s obsession with hybrid foods, there’s no reason the next big food craze shouldn’t be the pambazo. It’s also more fun to say than sushirrito (no offense to the sushi burrito). 

Collins and Kidwell are making different variations, include a pambazo stuffed with shredded braised goat shoulder, covered in Oaxacan cheese, a tart cabbage salad, jalapeños, cotija cheese and crema. It’s a symphony of textures, acid and spice called the Toecutter. The bread, a special bun that includes Japanese-style toasted sesame seeds, is dipped in a salsa roja before crisping up on the grill. This creates a crust of slightly dried salsa that surrounds the bread, giving it a distinct red sheen.

It is quite the labor-intensive sandwich, requiring hours of prep, as are the other items on the truck, most everything made using the car’s oven, grill and two burners.

For the vegetarian People Eater, disks of sweet potato are smoked and then fried, and and then layered with cubes of butternut squash that have been cooked in a Mexican chile sauce, everything topped with Chihuahua cheese, served on a salsa verde-dipped bun. 

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Don't let the Mad Max theme throw you off: these are straight-up pambazos, that Mexican sandwich treat with a ton of tradition. Big, rich, and powerful enough to get you through your next office work day, these sandwiches are the real deal. 

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Los Angeles is a more of a torta than pambazo town, but that's okay: the new Mad Max-tinged rig rolling around town serving the dipped Mexican sandwiches doesn't care about your expectations. They're only out to serve awesome sandwiches like their Doofwarrior, offering a hefty pile of pulled pork.

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As one might guess, the truck services a variety of pambazos, those dipped Mexican sandwiches that often play third fiddle to the country’s ubiquitous tortas and popular cemitas. Similarly, pambazos rely on a bolillo-style bread roll, though theirs is dipped in a red pepper sauce instead of being allowed to crisp up on the outside. The whole thing is then filled (often with potatoes, but on the Mad Pambazos truck with a variety of things) before being pressed into a griddle.

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This sandwich was DELICIOUS! It’s a chipotle chicken and chipotle mayo, and all the Pambazos are served with a cabbage salad, pickled jalapeño, crema, and cotija cheese.  When I bit into the sandwich there was just a huge burst of flavor! There was also a really nice smokiness thanks to the chipotles.


The result is a beautifully hot (and spicy) mess of thick-sliced smoked potato, equally thick-sliced red chili butternut squash, salsa verde, cabbage salad, and pickled jalapeño between two excellent pieces of bolillo-style bread (like a Mexican sourdough) that have been dipped and pressed crisp. Truly, truly excellent. We don’t have a formal Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles list, but if we did, this would be near the top…